Software consultancy

It pays to have good tools. When it comes to accountancy, this means software that provides the right solution for the right price at each stage in the growth of your business. Whether you are looking to integrate new software or optimize existing systems, we have extensive experience with a range of packages and can help put software to work for you and your business.

Affordable bespoke setup

Using an accounting package off-the-shelf may be cheaper upfront but it can prove to be a mistake and a distraction. It is important that your software works for you, not vice versa. Whether starting out or starting afresh, we can help you chose the right software package and then get the most from it. We’ll ensure your software is configured intelligently to provide reports exactly as they are most useful to you. Our aim is always to help you better understand and control your business.

One-to-one training

The greatest cost for most businesses is people. So it pays to ensure they are also your most valuable assets. A little investment to ensure people are working effectively can reap immediate rewards while keeping them engaged and motivated in the longer term. We offer individual training focused on the needs of your business. These sessions are practical, driven by your requirements and always hands on.

It’s best for your business to take exactly the level of training it needs. Scheduled courses often prove to be expensive, time-consuming and not entirely relevant. This is why our individual training sessions are built around your business. They use your company’s time wisely and productively, and start from just £250.


Integration with other software

Are you using other business software and hardware to process financial transactions? We can take the pain out of getting these systems to work with your accounting package. We can help you integrate electronic tills, e-commerce websites, stock systems, and more, into your software package. This saves time and re-keying. Integration reduces the chance of mistakes and can bring more intelligence to your business processes, helping keep staff and customers fully up to date.