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    These are the main time sensitive points from the Budget last week.

    Please find the headline details on today’s Budget 03-03-2021

    Here are some updates on support provided and furlough claim restrictions.

    Please find the details of the enhanced government support announced by Rishi Sunak on Thursday 5th November.

    Here are the main points of support offered by government for businesses and charities affected by Lockdown 2 as announced 31st October 2020.

    Please find the details of Rishi Sunak’s latest Statement made on Thursday (22nd October). The Chancellor announced enhancing the previously announced support measures for businesses and individuals .

    Please find the details of Rishi Sunak’s Winter Statement made on 24th September.

    There will no Autumn Budget this year but the Chancellor announced further support measures for businesses and individuals.

    Here are the main points, where there are specific policies, of the Chancellors Summer Statement made 8th July 2020.

    Here are the criteria Brighton and Hove are using for the Top Up grants.

    Some of the subjects that we have more detail on include: Details on furlough extension as the rules change month by month, Second grant for the self-employed.